World Top 10 Largest Libraries in the World

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As today worlds the world of technology and all the information is gained electronically. Libraries
seems to be an out dated version. But still libraries plays a significant role in human life. Because we get
all the information that is very deep to know and in addition to it, it has manuscripts, inscriptions and
documents. There are various events that are best described in books rather than
libraries are significant even today to make it more aware among the top most libraries
are mentioned below:

1. British library, United Kingdom, London

This library was created in 1972 by parliament act. This well-known place has been familiar with many
great leaders’ works like Karl’s Marx who worked on DAS KAPITAL. In addition, Mahatma Gandhi and
Oscar wide. This has been shifted towards pancreas London where it has added great treasure of
knowledge including Gutenberg bibles, Lindisfarne gospels, and Leonardo Vinci’s notebooks. Everyone
prefer to stay at a place in order to get all the information of available resources. For this the British
library stand at the top most level among all other libraries and is famous worldwide.

British library

2. Library of Congress, United States, Washington, D.C

The library is formed in 1800 with the effect in us nationals library. Moreover, this has the collection of
Thomas Jefferson. However congress members are permitted to utilize the resources available in library
like borrowing of books. Library of congress is familiar with its own name that makes it differentiable.
This library suffered a lot of losses as it was burned twice in 1812 and 1851.for this purpose now the
library contain many rare books and drawings, including Stradivarius violins.

Library of Congress

3. New York Public library, United States:

A library formed by the amalgamation and acquisition of many private and public collections that makes
it familiar among all. The main library figured as an important fictional location in 2004 film “the day
after tomorrow. This library has certain branches in different region of New York. Moreover, this has
been filled with the treasure of Gutenberg bibles.

New York Public library

4. Russian States library, Moscow:

A public library and museum was formed in 1862 and became state library in 1952.this library is very
famous among Russians residents because it contain all Russian publications and journals, maps, music
scores and recordings. The major drawback of this library is space shortage. But invite of it this comes in
the top most category of libraries and competes with many of worlds libraries.

Russian States library

5. National library of Russia, Saint Petersburg:

The most well-known imperial public library is national was established in 1975 with the books
of its own collection that makes it unique contain a treasure or early Koran and the fourth

century new testament, the codex siniaiticus. This is treasure place one can get very old information
related to very old history of many events and books.

National library of Russia, Saint Petersburg

6. National Diet library, Tokyo, Japan

This library was found after subsequent American occupation and was opened in 1948.japan did not
introduced the national library though it went with diet library after post war democratization. This
library have all the books of Japanese publications. Moreover, it serves as diet library, japan two
chambered legislature and national library that makes it more familiar.

National Diet library, Tokyo, Japan

7. Toronto Public library, Canada, Ontario

This library comes in 7 th number among top 10 libraries. Still it is very huge library with 98 branches with
the character of worlds busiest urban library receives huge number of visitors in millions and
makes 32 million book loans per year this includes Arthur Conan Doyle collection.

Toronto Public library, Canada

8. National library, Beijing, China:

China is the most popular country and is developing very rapidly, to its addition this library has added
colors to the country by providing all the valuable stuff of different origins and provide great awareness
and information respectively, this has huge number of books about 30 million that are being used by 5
million visitors every year .this includes the oldest printed documents in existence.

National library, Beijing

9. Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris:

It has traced it roots to king louis xi established in 1461.this became accessible to people at the time of
revolution 1792napolean showed great interest to make it at the top most rank and made it familiar to
almost all. this is very busy library with thousands of stuff for visitors and readers to get the information
required by them at their full pace.

Bibliotheque Nationale de France

10. Royal Danish Library, Denmark, Copenhagen:

This was founded by king Frederik iii in 1648.came as public in 1793.this is famous for its black diamond
glass building all houses its every book. This library contain all type of oaks Gutenberg bible,
fairy tales and many other to create keen interest among readers and is familiar for its large stuffs this the top 10 number library with great informative stuff to ready and provided to visitors.

Royal Danish Library, Denmark

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