World’s Top 10 Smallest Countries Worth Visiting

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It is not always necessary to admit the phrase as the “largest always the best”. It is not necessary that always those things are beautiful that are big or large. Sometimes small things can get the opportunity of being the best. As the article will be describing that the world along with being beautiful and huge comprised of many small countries that are worth. Small countries have their own beauty an own mesmerizing view.

Here is the list of the smallest countries that are though small but have their own beauty in its own way.


Malta is the country that comes in the category of being the smallest on the world map. But it is country that has certain beauty. The country that is rich in its historical heritage. The country has the most beautiful places to visit. The places that most liked by tourists and are the most desirable one. Likewise, museums, temples and along with it the amazing cities that have their own fascinating look.

The country has the city named Hal Saflieni Hypogeum that is known to be the city of the surprises. This place is traveled by many visitors from different region of the world. The reason behind that is its scenic view of sunset, waterfall and many other that add beauty to it. To conclude, the country has soothing environment and this is the place of historian, explorer and travelers to enjoy and make travel diaries

2. NIUE:

A country located between islands named as tango and cook. Moreover, the country is known as an island country, and it is so fascinating and attractive. The islands of the country is covered by forests. And that is covered by arches and caves. With having this imagination one can easily recognize the beauty of the country. Niue lacks beaches because it is mostly covered by caves and rocks. The place is surrounded by plants and animal life but those are not poisonous and harmful this is one of the most advantageous benefit to the country. Niue is so fascinating and amazing and though it is small but still it is very worth to visit it.


A country located between two other beautiful countries named France and Spain. This country is best known for skiing. And the one who is fond of this adventurous activities can greatly enjoy to visit this place. Andorra has struggled a lot to create a scenario of skiing in the place. They have made machines for snow and along with it many other things that give view of skiing. The place along with this beauty

has various huge markets and shops for visitors to come and enjoy shopping as well. Moreover the narrow valleys, breathtaking huge mountains had given another look to the place.


The place is beautifully known as the spices island. Because it has various spices trees, flowers and plants that are responsible for the production of most commonly used spices like cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cocoa. In addition, Grenada has rivers, waterfalls and rainforest that make it look mesmerizing.

Moreover, the country has various entertainment factors. Like fairs, festivals and markets to enjoy it with great pace. However, one cannot leave the place without praising the cuisine of this country that gives many amazing food with various tasty spices.


The country is known as Belau. It is very famous and well-known for scuba diving. The place is added with beauty of islands that cannot be ignored by any eye. The best known places for scuba diving are “the blue corner, German channel and blue holes”. This place is no short in beauty .moreover, the place has marine life that is so amazing to see. The country is rich with many beauties and is luxurious to visit.


The most beautiful country that gives the life time experience to the visitors. It is so beautiful that everyone wants to go immediately when it comes to beauty. The country is enriched with 26 corals atolls, 200 inhabited islands and 80 islands with tourist resorts. The place has large buildings and restaurant that are facilitated to visitors. The country is famous for underwater life. It has beautiful beaches which has white sand, crystal blue water that is so beautiful to visualize.


The two island nation that is counted among small but beautiful places. The place is blessed with huge mountains, beaches and islands. Moreover, ones it has been the place famous for tobacco indigo and sugar industry now it has earned great fame in tourism due to the beauty of the place. This place has luxurious hotels, national parks, scenic railways and many more to be counted. The country s so peaceful and beautiful that one who visits come up with beautiful ideas about the country.


A country sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria. The place is the place for holy empire that are still counted in the country. The country appears to be the dot like in worlds map but still holds abundant beauty. It has village Side Mountains that are extremely fascinating to look it with eyes and praise the beauty of the beautiful place for life time.


The country is known as the playground for rich because it covers huge area of the land. This is the place of wealthy people and is known to be the wealthiest place. Visiting to the place need pocket full of money. The country has beautiful weather all around. Moreover, it is full of entertainment that is mostly liked by rich people. The place has night clubs, casinos, restaurants and exclusive shopping malls. The country has private hotels that have separate beach to enjoy. The famous hotel is hotel de Paris.


The country is small but visited about 5 million people due to its extreme beauty. The country is an example of “city in city”. This place has masterpiece collection of art, paints and artistic works. This place is very rich in history and museums that have beautiful art in it. All these are the things that are mostly attracted by tourists and increase tourism in the country. To sum, this is small place but worth visiting it.

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